Automating Your AskHR Service Desk

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The most valuable resource in any company is its people. Properly supporting your workforce is critical to ensure that your team stays productive, engaged, and free from annoying disruptions.

One of the most common ways to support your workforce is by providing them tools (which are typically technology based) that make them more efficient. Specifically, providing self-service tools that enable employees to get information or solve problems quickly is a growing requirement in business today.

In the outside world, we're seeing this everywhere. From automated teller machines, to kiosks at the airport to get your tickets, to buying goods over the web, consumers are enjoying the convenience, speed, empowerment, and privacy of self-service. It's no different in the workplace – employees want to solve their own problems, and they want them solved quickly.

Many HR departments realize this and have set up centralized service desks in an effort to address common employee questions about benefits and policies. However, those centralized "Ask HR" service desks are often lacking a true self-service aspect. Typically, an employee can email a question, chat with a live associate, or look up an answer on the company intranet or knowledge base. These are very good options, but limit scale (cost grows as staffing needs increase) and availability (it's hard to offer 24/7/365 support). Alas, none of these options provide a self-service mechanism that provides the convenience, speed, empowerment, and privacy of another option: an AI-powered chatbot that understands, using natural language, what employees are looking for.

That's why we created AskHR.

In an increasingly competitive employee talent market, employee self-service technology helps to create a positive work culture and to retain talent by giving workers direct control over their time (the most valuable asset of all). We've worked hard to train an AI-powered knowledge engine that anticipates what your workers need, understands what they ask, and provides them answers instantly. And for anything that the AskHR bot can't handle itself, it will escalate the need to a human in creative and efficient ways.

If you'd like to try out our technology and our unique expertise in your organization, let us know. We'd love to work with you.

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