Socrates Wants Dental Coverage: The Power of Sentiment Analysis

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The AskHR bot gives employees immediate, automated, 24/7 answers to their common HR questions. At a cursory level, this is a simple task. We take an employee question, leverage natural language processing to derive its intent, and use our unique methods to find resources relevant to that intent.

If we find some good ones, we use those to compose an answer and give that back. If we don't, we can still leverage that intent to determine the best person to put you in touch with and facilitate the connection. And use AI to learn from that interaction.

Granting employees navigable access to company knowledge is a big win for both the employees themselves and the HR organization as a whole. There's no more waiting for answers on one end, and no more rote lookup on the other. But AskHR goes even deeper than that.

Answering questions is powerful in its own right, but understanding the greater sentiment of a workplace gives your executive team a way to regularly ensure that the needs of the employees are being met. Imagine being able to pre-empt the influx of questions regarding how the passing of the Affordable Care Act will affect existing healthcare coverage or seeing precisely how many employees are comfortable with your answer to "do we support paternal leave for same sex couples?"

AskHR is not only about answering questions; it's about using technology to understand how happy your employees are with those answers and what you can do better to meet their needs.

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