The Modern Organization

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A funny thing is happening in the modern organization. As technology has reshaped nearly every aspect of the workplace, automating an incredible number of processes, roles and even industries, companies are becoming more and more people-centric. And for good reason, people want to work with and for organizations that enrich their lives.

Given this emphasis, it's no surprise that the Human Resource function has shifted its focus beyond the administrative to the strategic. The modern HR function is tasked with developing a culture where the best people in the world want to come work, a place where employees are enabled to contribute productively to the organization's goals and vision.

To accomplish its strategic initiatives, Human Resources functions must use technology as a two-edged sword. First, it must improve the experience and productivity of the people that will carry out the strategic goals of the organization. Second, it must generate meaningful data concerning the organization's most valuable resource, measuring sentiment and providing feedback that can be used to set the company on a track of continuous improvement in an ever evolving, ever more competitive landscape.

At AskHR, we want to create tools that have a non-linear impact, tools that go beyond cost reduction and automation by leveraging technology as a method to continually improve the productivity and lives of the the underlying structure that powers it: people.

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