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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does AskHR work?

Answer AskHR understands and automatically responds to employee questions. AskHR virtual assistants learn based on: 1) Our industry-leading HR database, 2) curated information from your existing knowledge sources, and 3) human responses to previous questions.

Q: How does AskHR know our company knowledge and policies?

Answer We offer a white-glove onboarding service that uses your existing handbook, benefits docs, and company intranet to teach the assistant your policies. Once the A.I. is trained, it will continue to learn over time.

Q: What if the AskHR assistant doesn't know the answer to a question?

Answer The question will be placed in a queue, enabling your HR team to answer the question. The assistant will then learn from this new information.

Q: What communication channels does AskHR support?

Answer AskHR automatically answers questions received over Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Slack, the web, and on mobile phones. We also support many other chat apps - just let us know what you're using.

Q: Will AskHR work with our existing systems?

Answer Yes. AskHR integrates directly into the messaging tools and ticketing systems used by your company. If you don't use messaging apps or ticketing systems, AskHR can provide them.

Q: Which HR systems does AskHR integrate with?

Answer AskHR natively supports several HRIS systems. Contact us for details on your integration needs.

Q: How much work does it take to get on-boarded?

Answer We make it easy to get your business up and running quickly. Our team, combined with our intelligent software, does the heavy lifting so your employees can stay focused on their work.

Q: What if I have a new question that the virtual assistant needs to answer?

Answer You can teach the assistant new information at any time, and the question will be answered immediately.

Q: How quickly can AskHR start answering employee questions?

Answer AskHR can start answering employee questions immediately.

Q: How much training do my employees need?

Answer Your employees will find AskHR easy to use, since they can ask questions using natural language. No training is necessary.

Q: Is AskHR secure?

Answer Yes. We understand HR info is personal and important and have designed our entire system with security in mind. With deep experience in the enterprise, our team puts security at the highest of priorities. We encrypt all information at rest and over the wire.

Q: How are the number of users calculated?

Answer The number of users is determined by how many people within your organization you want to be able to ask questions to the virtual assistant. Typically, this is every employee in the organization.

Hear the Results

AskHR has provided us multiple benefits, including the ability to answer common workplace questions in a quick, self-service way. Employees love being able to get answers 24x7.

Nikki I., VP of Human Resources
Fortune 500 Technology Company