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A.I. Chatbots for HR Support

Save money. Increase Engagement. Drive Employee Satisfaction.

Provide 24/7 support to your workforce with an easy-to-use chatbot. Employees can get answers to common workplace questions quickly and easily by accessing the bot using tools they already know.

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Learn how AI is empowering HR to reduce costs, gain company insights, and make employees happier.

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Automated Chatbot

Automatically answer common employee requests about things like benefits, contact information, and health care.

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Reduce Support Volume

Increase helpdesk efficiency and allow strategic redeployment of HR team members to focus on your employees.

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Engagement Analytics

Track engagement metrics and gain insights into how your employees needs change over time.

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Available 24/7

AskHR is 100% cloud-based, available 24/7 x 365. Nothing to install or upgrade, we'll take care of that.

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Absolutely Secure

All of our software runs on end-to-end encrypted servers, maintaining ISO 27001 security compliance.

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Artificial Intelligence

The bot learns from your users automatically based on user interactions, making the bot smarter over time.

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Reduce Cost

Help save time and money by reducing the support impact on your team by freeing up support personnel.

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Multilingual Support

Natively support 50+ languages with on-the-fly language translation and detection for users around the globe.

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Use Existing Channels

Integrate with existing communication channels like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Slack, email, and web chat.

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