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AskHR means intelligent workplace answers for your employees.

Reduce help desk costs, gain insight into your organizational knowledge, and increase employee satisfaction.

Meet AskHR. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot.

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  • Increase employee retention and engagement
  • Better understand employee needs
  • Reduce the cost of your HR support desk
  • Provide AI-based support in and out of the workplace
  • Companies who invest in employee support create happier workplaces
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Why AskHR?

So why do people leave companies? They're not satisfied with the resources provided to get the job done. We offer a paradigm shift: advanced technology that adapts to your people.

AskHR is a community of human resource professionals and technology leaders who strive to reinvent what Human Resources means to your business. Contact us today to enhance your company HR offering through artificial intelligence, powerful workplace cognition, and our unique engagement process.

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It's that good. See for yourself.

Our team can't wait to hear your story! Connect with us and we'll help get you started. We pride ourselves on making integrations simple and driving home the value of getting the right answers, fast. Use our technology to better understand what your people need, improving overall employee happiness, and saving time and money on HR resources.

AskHR. For the modern business.

  • Reduce common inbound requests to your HR team
  • Manage your own content and benefit from our industry knowledge
  • Use advanced analytics to review interactions and coverage
  • Feel the "pulse" of your employees over time
  • Let us train and deploy your HR bot - we make it easy!

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Integrate with existing communication channels, including email, web, SMS, and more!

Meet the AskHR Leadership Team

Scott Jamison

Scott Jamison, SPHR

Co-Founder, CEO

Entrepreneurial thinker with a passion for HR and knowledge management.

James Sturges

James Sturges

Co-Founder, VP Product

Problem solver, traveler, avid golfer. Background in startup technology focused companies.

Anthony D'Addeo

Anthony D'Addeo

Co-Founder, Engineering

Aspiring erudite interested in the intersection of technology and the humanities.

Chris Beavers

Chris Beavers

Co-Founder, Engineering

Motorcycle monk with a passion for people and an obsession with quality.

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