Meet AskHR

Empowering HR with intelligent employee support.

Provide 24/7 support to your workforce with an easy-to-use virtual assistant. Employees can get answers to common workplace requests quickly and easily by accessing the assistant with chat, email, voice, or text.

Give your employees a way to help themselves. Reduce helpdesk impact while increasing engagement.

AskHR is a friendly, cloud-hosted virtual assistant that understands your HR policies and procedures. Employees interact with our assistant using a mobile device or laptop and ask questions like "I need to update my W4." The platform will provide answers, relevant information, walk the employee through necessary steps, or capture the request for HR follow-up.
AskHR Virtual Assistant Animation

What's a virtual assistant, anyway?

A virtual assistant is a software agent that can perform tasks or services for an individual.

A seamless experience

AskHR integrates with your existing communication channels or internal website. Employees can ask questions using natural language and get an immediate response.

  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Web and Mobile
  • Email
Reduce Support Costs

  • Reduce the number of staff needed for common HR questions
  • Deploy your HR team on more strategic activities
  • Respond to inquiries from former employees and family

Increase Employee Engagement

  • Create happier employees with 24/7 instant answers to HR needs
  • Support dependents directly through voice, text, email
  • Proactively address employee concerns

Gain Key Insights

  • Pinpoint training opportunities across the organization
  • Predict workforce issues before they crop up
  • Empower your HR team to provide the best support